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Submitting an Article or Press Release

Off Radar Cruise News is a completely objective Newsletter and Blog with genuine professional comment created for the benefit of professionals within the Cruise and Ferry Industry.

We accept no advertising or income from Cruise or Ferry Lines to assure that our comment and viewpoint is both balanced and independent. 

Since inception we have received a number of requests since the creation of the Off Radar concept to publish Press Releases and articles. Subsequently we have now decided to allow Cruise and Ferry Lines from credible sources to submit articles and Press Releases to Off Radar Cruise News. It is important to appreciate however, that we will select what we feel are the most newsworthy Press Releases and Articles, in addition to the fact we reserve the right to add our comments at the foot of all posts.

To submit a Press Release or Article simply email: 

Note that all Spam will be reported and sales articles will not be published. 

We look forward to hearing from you

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