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New cruise survey shows 2/3 of cruisers will not change plans

Cruisers More Aware of Safety Procedures

Luxury Cruise News just released the results of their Cruise Safety survey, and based on the study, two-thirds of cruisers indicate that they are not changing their plans in light of the recent cruise incident.

NEWYORK, NY (February 2, 2012) – Although cruise line safety is making news headlines, morethan two-thirds (69%) of cruisers indicate that the recent cruise incident has notaffected their future cruise plans, according to a survey released today by Luxury Cruise News*.

The new “Cruise Safety” study of Luxury Cruise News subscribers indicatesthat past and future cruise vacationers intend to continue their plans to enjoycruising, while they have renewed commitment to safety procedure awareness.

Little Effect onFuture Cruises

The survey revealed that future cruise plansremain mostly intact. When asked how the incident has affected future cruiseplanning, responders indicated that:
34%will be more aware of cruise lines’ safety procedures before they book
39%indicate that this has no effect whatsoever
1%of survey participants canceled an existing cruise and do not plan to cruise inthe future

Safety Remains anIssue and Emergency Procedures Are a Hot Topic

Only half of cruise passengers have become more worried about safety – indicating aconfidence in the cruise industry’s long track record of safety. When asked ifthey are worried about cruise ship safety more now than before the recentincident, more than half responded no 55%, while 45% indicated that they aremore worried now than before the incident.

While 82% feel that enough time was spentreviewing emergency and evacuation procedures on their recent cruise,many commented that safety drills were “noisy and not organized well” and“thorough but fast” and procedures “could be tightened.”

Vacationers are now thinking about theirfuture cruise experiences. Some 80% of respondents feel that even more emphasis should be placed onmaking sure everyone on board is aware of emergency procedures.

“It is encouraging that the greatest insightsgained from our ‘Cruise Safety’ survey show that cruise vacationers will remainloyal to the cruise industry while renewing their vigilance regarding safetyprocedures,” said Angela James Vogel, Vice President of Luxury Cruise News.

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*Survey Methodology

Conducted by Luxury Cruise News, this study is based on (469) responses to asurvey conducted via email to adult subscribers of Luxury Cruise News. Some 90% of respondents are from the U.S. andCanada, with 10% international. The survey consisted of seven (7) questions.The survey was conducted between January 26, 2012 and February 1, 2012.

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