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Marine Insight Offers Professionals Updated Information and Increased Knowledge

Whether you are a crew member, officer or staff, Marine Insight has a lot of information that could help you in your chosen career.  Sign up with Marine Insight to receive their regularly emails.  There is a constant informative updates that keeps one abreast of the ever changing shipping industry.   Helpful hints, advise and suggestions are always a welcome gesture in this business.

Currently, Marine Insight has launched 5 free ebooks including the most recent one - A Guide to Ship Navigation Techniques.

After signing up for Marine Insight, you can then download any of the books that you are interested in gathering more information and for those interested in learning more details of various jobs that are performed on board.

Marine Insight, is in constant update mode to better their products and resources which benefit professionals around the globe. Check out their website venturing into marine law, safety, life-at-sea, navigation and more.

Go to Marine Insight at:
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