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The Parbuckling Project Official Website of Concordia Removal Project

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Several people have been asking what is the reality of how the Costa Concordia is going to be lifted and towed to port so she can be viewed, assessed and taken care of. This is a detailed and most difficult process as we can all well imagine.  Just sitting here trying to figure it out is mind-boggling and a scary thought on how it will happen with safety The being the utmost in the minds of those who will proceed with this task.  To get a vessel of this size leaning on its side and partially emerged in the sea, is unimaginable at the end of the day.

gallerieThe ParBuckingProject Website is where everyone can watch, read and understand the step-by-step process of what will take place,when it will take place and where the vessel will be taken.  
  • Through this site, you are able to read about:
  • Monitoring ARPAT on the Costa Concordia
  • A Glossary of: ROV, anchor blocks and chests
  • Costa Cruises and the commitment to the environment
  • The Note of The Departemtn of Civil Protection
  • And More
This is an incredible and extraordinary site in detailing information we did not have in our imagination of what is taking place as we speak.  Keep viewing this site for latest updated information: The site is written in both Italian and English, click the upper right corner for either language.

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