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Noble Caledonia charged with a notable fine over Reef Incident; will this impact on Cruise Tourism in the region?

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The Caledonian Sky struck a coral reef off the Indonesian coastal waters back on the 4th of March and subsequent reports pointed to notable damage to the reef itself as a consequence.

At the time a tugboat was employed to tow the ship off the reef. The ship ran aground during a low-tide (can be a significant variance depending upon location), while on a bird-watching themed cruise.

At this juncture, we learned that the Indonesia Government has adopted a policy to take stronger action for sch instances and subsequently levied a 6 trillion Rp fine ($450 million USD on Nobel Caledonia).

The Indonesian Environmental Ministry declared that the Caledonian Sky destroyed some 13,270 square meters of the coral reef as a result of the incident.

We now understand that Nobel Caledonia passed on payment responsibility to its Insurer SPICA, which in turn has started negotiations with the Government.

This case is not so clear cut as it sounds, because there is uncertainty in many parts of the Indonesian waters as to the depths and nautical charts cannot be relied upon 100%.

Indonesia is staggeringly comprised of around 18,000 Islands and for many Cruise Lines it could be the ideal discovery destination, with spectacular beaches, wildlife and a vibrant local culture for Guests to enjoy. However, with doubt concerning depths of nautical charts, in addition to the news of this tough penalty, as well as a lack of infrastructure, some Cruise Lines may be put off going to Indonesia.

We hope that this is not the case and that an amicable solution can be found concerning the recent incident that does not scare the other Cruise Lines away, especially so as there are encouraging signs from the Indonesian Government to invest in port infrastructure and arrange proper nautical surveys.
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