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Top 10 cities experiencing the greatest Cruise tourist volumes


A common theme these days is congestion in port cities, caused by the rapid rise and seemingly exponential growth of the Cruise Industry. Here below, are the world's top 10 port cities experiencing the greatest Cruise Tourism visitors:

1. Miami: 4.9 million passengers
Known to many as the capital of the Cruising! Home Port base for Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, NCL, Oceania and Regent among others.

2. Port Canaveral: 3.9 million passengers
Certainly one of the fastest growing ports in North America and perfectly located for a twin Center vacation (Cruise and Stay) in Orlando. The $150 million new passenger Terminal, supported its recent rise in passenger volume. Port Canaveral is the home base for Disney Cruise Line.

3. Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale: 3.7 million passengers
This port destination claims to offer more Cruise Lines, more sailings and more itineraries than anywhere else on the planet. Port Everglades opened the world’s largest Cruise Terminal in 2009 and became the base for the once world’s largest ships “Oasis of the Seas”.

4. Cozumel, Mexico: 3.6 million passengers
Situated on Mexico’s largest Caribbean Island, just off the Yucatan peninsula, featuring beautiful beaches, mangrove forests and wonderful nature, as well as extreme sports and mainstream activities.

5. Shanghai International Port, China: 2.8 million passengers
Shanghai skyrocketed towards the top half of the list in the past few years, mainly as a result of China’s relaxed visa restrictions for Cruise passengers introduced in 2015. For example foreign tourists arriving to Shanghai on a Cruise, are now permitted to stay in the city for up to 15 days. Cruise Lines are beginning however to complain about the yield of Chinese Cruises and with restrictions calling to Taiwan and Korea, it may have a Commercial impact in coming years.

6. Barcelona, Spain: 2.6 million passengers
Europe’s number one! In 2018 Barcelona will possess 7 Cruise Terminals, however it’s not all plain sailing as many local residents are starting to complain that the city is rapidly turning into a theme park for adults.

7. Civitavecchia, Rome, Italy: 2.3 million passengers
Strategically located 1.5 hours from the eternal city of Rome. Civitavecchia is a strong Home Port for Italians and a major Mediterranean transit port, fearing an array of Shore Excursions to Rome.

8. Nassau, Bahamas: 2 million passengers - A lively and tropical Cruise HUB, Nassau is ideally located as a port of call close to the top 3 of the world’s embarkation ports in Florida (mentioned above). 

9. Galveston: 1.7 million passengers
 Galveston overlooks the Gulf of Mexico and is the ideal west Caribbean embarkation port. Once a playground of the rich in the 19th Century, today Galveston is not so well known outside of Cruising circles.

10. Grand Cayman: 1.7 million passengers
Gateway to stunning beaches and the famous Stingray City excursion. Cruise ships are forced to tender in Grand Cayman, which often takes away the pleasure of the experience.

Where is Southampton I here the British reading this article saying? Well Southampton came 11th and was pipped to the post by Grand Cayman. Venice hit a lowly 13th place and this wonderful city is unlikely to grow further, due to protests and restrictions coming into force.
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