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Indonesian Government plans to develop a new Cruise Terminal in the port of Benoa, Bali

--> The Indonesian Government is beginning to warmly embrace Cruise Tourism following its recent announcement that the development of a new Cruise Terminal in Benoa, Bali which commenced in September 2017. The completion date is rather ambitious with a deadline of December 2018 featuring a 1 year and 3 months development period. The new Benoa Cruise Terminal will be designed to accommodate the new generation of Mega Cruise ships.

This news follows a recent statement by the Minister of Tourism that docking fees for Cruise ships will be reduced by 50%, which no doubt will attract Cruise Lines.

On the North less developed side of Bali, the Government plans to invest in Celukan Bawang Port with a Pontoon to enable Mega ships to Tender into port. 

Interestingly, Dream Cruises aim to open new exciting itineraries to Indonesian ports sailing out of Singapore with the Genting Dream starting this coming winter, with calls scheduled to Jakarta, Surabaya and Celukan Bawang.

Indonesia features 18,000 Islands with over 2,500 ports, hence the country uniquely offers spectacular variety of Shore Excursion such as ethnic Indian Camp experiences, fascinating cultures, stunning scenery, adventure tours, natural wonders and world best beaches.
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