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The founding Off Radar concept was created by Grant Holmes, CEO of Progress International Tourism & Business Services Ltd in synergy with Mike Hood, Maritime Journalist in May 2006. The original Internet News service was designed to meet the rising information demands of Cruise, River and Ferry Lines, in addition to the Maritime Shipping industry as a whole.

In the fall of 2011, Off Radar Cruise News was upgraded and new site has already attracted around 100,000 readers, featuring a wider selection of up to date Cruise and Shipping community News from reputable sources. The Vision has always been to transmit a balanced, objective and independent viewpoint with a positive perspective concerning all matters of sea travel. All articles, surveys and creative pieces are genuine with real comments written by the current Editor, Joyce Gleeson-Adamidis along with other professional contributors, and it is published by Progress International Media Services.

From a big picture perspective, we as a world community have a thirst for knowledge, a captive mind and a great ability to absorb the written word; accordingly, Off Radar strives to find harmony between passengers/guests in relation to the industry, providing the transportation to explore the great seas of planet earth.

The Off Radar News service is entirely complimentary for all industry professionals and cruise enthusiasts alike, meeting the demands of the modern world by providing instant news with regular email updates for Subscribers (Subscribe here) and RSS feeds (subscriber here) on request.

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