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"Off Cruise Radar News" is one of the best resources for information on cruise and ferry lines on the Internet and offers local businesses the opportunity to connect thousands of readers from the international and local community. 

Advertising is only accepted from Companies or individual based in the Republic of Cyprus.

Side Banner (200x200 px)
1 month - €15
6 months - €75
12 months - €100

Leader Board (Top of Block)
1 month - €30
6 months - €150
12 months - €300

Business Listing
€50 per year

1) All rates are subject to 15% V.A.T where applicable.
2) All prices are expressed in Euro.
3) All advertising prices are valid until 31st December 2012.
4) Payment to be executed by bank transfer, Pay Pal, Cheque (Cyprus) and in advance, upon confirmation of advertising space.
5) All advertising material will be uploaded online no later than one week after receipt of graphic material and payment.
6) Graphical banner link pictures requested in GIF, JPG, BMP or TIF format.
Banner size: 200 x 200-300 (flexible vertical range). Banner is placed on right side of Blog.

Irina Podziewska
Tel: 00357 246 246 27
Fax: 00357 24 815417

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