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The need to correctly follow a high level of Sanitation standards and procedures on board a cruise ship is an absolute requirement for all Crew Members, in particular for those that handle food or are involved in food-related operations. This is also true for Crew Members who come into contact with Guests or execute cleaning duties of any nature. Therefore to assure Healthy and Hygienic conditions of all Crew and Guests alike, it is vitally important to that Crew are trained, understand and are aware of the Public Health challenges faced within the unique Shipboard environment.

The 8 Public Health challenges on board a Cruise Ship

1. Closed Micro Community
Guests and Crew live in a closed environment, meaning the risk of illnesses is higher.

2. Dense Population
Large numbers of Guests and Crew in a relatively small surface area.

3. International Guests and Crew 
Guests and Crew come from different countries which leads to a greater risk of carrying illnesses.

4. Mobile and Interactive Population
Population onboard is moving around with high levels of interaction.

5. Rapid Turnover
Guests and Crew change (embark/disembark) frequently.

6. Variable Quality and Safety of Provisions
As food provisions arrive in very high volumes, it is nearly impossible to check if all food items are of the best quality all the time.

7. Potential for Explosive Disease Outbreaks
This is due to a closed environment, where the risk for exposure to disease outbreaks may be high.

8. No Standardized Medical Care System
Even though there are Hospitals on board, their capabilities may be not adequate to treat certain diseases and incidents.

The consequences of foodborne illnesses
  • Loss of future passengers and cabin sales. 
  • Loss of prestige and reputation.
  • Lawsuits resulting in Lawyer and Court fees.
  • Increased Insurance premiums. 
  • Low Employee morale. 
  • Employee absenteeism. 
  • Need for retraining employees. 
  • Public and Media embarrassment.
Current Status
Until now most Sanitation Training within the Cruise Industry has occurred onboard the ship, while on the job in a pressured environment. Usually the procedures are followed according to the ships standards, however a deep understanding on the topic is rarely mastered and there is always room for improvement. Now Crew and Managers alike can take an Online HACCP Sanitation course designed especially for Ships and obtain international HACCP certification.

New Online HACCP Certificated Course
This Online HACCP course will transmit an in depth understanding of the most important issues concerning Sanitation on board all Cruise ships.

The Training Program includes: 
  • The role of HACCP in reducing food safety risks. 
  • How to identify and control hazards. 
  • The importance of Prerequisites as a foundation of HACCP.
  • How to initiate a HACCP system and apply the 7 HACCP principles.  
  • The process of implementing HACCP in a food facility.  
  • How to validate and verify HACCP is working.
How to audit and keep HACCP relevant The Online HACCP course was created by Progress International and the Certificate is issued by CAST CONSULT, which is certified by the QMS Cert, accreditation body. The Certificate is valid for 5 years from the date issue and recognized worldwide.

Who is the Online HACCP course suitable for?
  • New Hires desiring to enter the Cruise Industry, as it will support your recruitment application. 
  • Recruitment Agencies that desire to recruit certified personnel for Cruise Lines. 
  • Existing Crew and Managers to further validate their experience in the field of Sanitation. 
  • Cruise Lines that desire to certificate their Crew.
How much does the course cost?
  • Individual cost 25 euro or $30 USD. 
  • Discounts are offered to Recruitment Agencies and Cruise Lines for bulk processing.
More Information
To purchase the Online HACCP certificated course go to:

For more information contact:
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