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Here at Off Radar Cruise News, we are excited to add our new section titled "Talking To".  We will be reaching out to bring you a wide variety of informative interviews that will span across channels, oceans, rivers and streams to highlight the inner workings of all aspects of living, traveling and working on and around 'water'.

Our interviews will be unique in finding just the right persons who will share with us their life's work and how they are participants in 'the-life-at-sea-family'. Whether we are "Talking To" a CEO of a large conglomerate or an individual who finds their sanctuary or place of solace being at one with 'water', we will give you a wide range of unique individuals to explore that of which we have yet to learn.

We are proud to start off our first interview with Mr. Mark Robinson, Managing Director of Intercruises.  We learn from Mr. Robinson on how his company delivers the high service given to our cruise ships as they enter port.  This includes a multitude of simultaneous events that go on in order to quickly get the job done.  Paying attention to fine details is a must.

Click the following link to read our first informative interview:

Mark Robinson:  Behind the Scenes at Intercruises
Austin Gambino (The Cruise Web Team), Unique, ‘Off-the-Radar’ Cruising Destinations in 2013

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